The Bulgarian Aviation in the XXI Century

The Bulgarian Aviation inside XXI Century
The 27th of June 1947 could be the beginning of the Bulgarian civil aviation whenever has-been made initial regular passenger flight between Sofia and Bourgas, collapsed by years of fast development. The cost-effective and governmental connections with all the Soviet union-made possible that the national airline “TABSO”, then “BALKAN”, could fly with the latest airplanes associated with soviet atmosphere business. Those will be the “golden many years” of the Bulgarian civil aviation. The economical security of Bulgarian folks made the atmosphere transport probably the most popular transports. But after the alterations in 1989 emerged the sunset of this Bulgarian municipal aviation. The dramatic nosedive of people, the major prices associated with oil were fatal for the Bulgarian aviation. The tries to build private airlines were absolute failure. Typical instance is the first private flight in Bulgaria – “Jes air”. The attempts to reanimate the public airline BALKAN by privatization generated her failure.

But more crucial is the problem regarding the Bulgarian aviation today. It is really not so black because it seems to be. The newest general public airline Bulgaria environment gradually but effortlessly is taking her place in those business and is making the woman location network larger and larger. The exploitation of new airplanes from western European countries and The united states instead of the old Russian boosts the organization image and quality of the service. That is a significant precondition for attracting people and properly rivalry vs. the other providers. It’s not a secret that within minute the main for Bulgarian economic could be the charter company. The countless Bulgarian charter operators tend to be handling the transport for the international tourists towards the Black sea-coast in the summertime season also to the hill resorts into the winter months. For successfully rivalry those providers have very top-notch of solution.

Despite all problems aren’t little. The greatest you’re with the percentage associated with the transported passengers. When you look at the the past few years man can easily see one bad tendency – the sheer number of the transported guests by international airlines is growing remarkable. Various other problem is the old airplane playground (recently resolved for only a little by the leasing taking of 6 to 7 Boeings and Airbuses). The chronic insufficiency of cash in addition to absence of condition assistance will be the major reason when it comes to bad rivalry regarding the Bulgarian charter providers.

To solve these problems, in 2001 is made the Bulgarian Airlines Association (ABA). Its preferred outcome will be protect the passions regarding the Bulgarian operators in front of the federal government and to battle with regards to their combination.

Listed here is an introduction of a number of the Bulgarian air companies:

Air Sofia

Air Sofia is a personal flight. It was built-in 1992. The primary activity of Air Sofia are the cargo and charter routes. The company operates with 6 choppers Mi-8, 1 plane An-26, 1 L-410 and 2 An-12.

Hemus air

Hemus atmosphere is built in 1991. It makes just regular routes. It had been the next biggest operator in Bulgaria but after the failure of “Balkan” is now the greatest. It has 17 aircrafts – three Tu-134s, one L-410, seven Yk-40s, three Tu-154s and three BAe-146s. Hemus atmosphere tends to make flights to Varna and Bourgas (in Bulgaria) and Oslo, Leipzig, Tirana, Bucharest, Skopje, Bratislava, Beirut, Tripoli, Pristine, Larnaca, Dubai and Athens.

Bulgarian Air Charter (B.A.C.)

Bulgarian Air Charter is made in 2000. It will make just charter flights from Varna and Bourgas to western European countries. B.A.C. has six Tu-154s and two or three MD-83.

BH air

BH air is the flight of the Bulgarian biggest trip operator – Balkan Holidays. It is the biggest charter operator in Bulgaria. It has with five Tu-154s as well as 2 or three Airbus 320s. BH atmosphere delivers individuals from Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, Edinburgh, Leipzig, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Zurich.

Viaggio air

Viaggio environment ended up being the youngest but most perspective flight in Bulgaria. It operated with only two airplanes (ATR-42) however it travelled to Athens, Istanbul, Vienna and Kiev of very cheap rates (two way admission to Vienna costed just 199€). Maybe not a long time ago Viaggio atmosphere had been purchased by another bulgarian flight – Hemus atmosphere.

Various other Bulgarian airlines are: vibrant Aviation providers, Inter Trans Air, Vega airlines, Heli atmosphere, Aviostart, Air Net 21(those are cargo operators) and Air Via (Via Vita Est) the 2nd biggest charter operator in Bulgaria after BH environment.

Information: Bulgarian Aviation inside XXI Century.

The author, Hristo Stefanov, is a publisher in Aviation World.

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