The aviation industry has become one of the most profitable business sectors in today’s economy

The aviation industry has become one of the most profitable business sectors in today’s economy
As we know, aviation industry had grown to a vast extend such that even time and purpose of people are closely moving along with them. Progress in science and technology had made a great extent on revolution in aviation industry. Centuries ago men started romancing with the sky. The invention of popular aircraft in 20th century paved the foundation of long waited desire and dream of air travel. Being the fastest means of transport to any corner of the world in couple of days, people had forgot those days when they spend days to travel from one country to other crossing international borders. Today, the scenario is very different by the operation of wide number airline companies through out the world.

The impact of the progress of aviation industry has crossed from mere transport to military purposes, police services, astronomical studies etc.

The recorded history shows that it was a bulk of silk cotton that was first transported in Ohio in 1910. After this successful attempt, heavier load was transported form 1919 onwards. It marked the beginning of cargo trading through airplanes by many business organizations, as it was the fastest means of trading at the time. But the proper and efficient way of organizing airfreight business came to exist after the end of World War II. At first, naval forces include it in war areas as it can go around sea, land and air to cover long miles.

Mean time the airfreight carriers used for shipping parcel and cargo service started the carrier service of passengers also. As the demand of this transportation service for good and passengers increased, it became evitable for operators to start highly combative and technically designed air freight aircraft to the new model of a passenger freight planes and separated cargo carrying air freight services. For this manufacturing task, manufacturers went to hire highly qualified technicians, mechanics, welders, engineers, scientists etc. for their production plant. The molding, fabricating and Welding the metallic structure of the aircraft is an awesome art. The safety measures are strictly observed and maintained to obtain the quality constrain to avoid any form of accidents in the manufacturing units or after leaving the plant. In later years with the progress in technology, high safety techniques are observed in the manufacturing units of Welding and fabricating.

Apart from these positive measures in transportation, the world had witnessed the cruel face of this technological impact during the World War II. The history of Nagasaki and Pearl Harbor disaster is not yet forgotten by the world. Against the all odds, the aviation industry has reached a milestone that contributes much to global economy, satellite communication technology, Astrophysics etc.

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