Flight News On Aviation Sports and Showcasing Of Helicopters,company Jets,Military Aircrafts in Cape Town ,South Africa

Flight Development On Aviation Sports and Showcasing Of Helicopters,Business Jets,Military Aircrafts in Cape Town ,South Africa

As gates established regarding first day associated with 2010 Africa Aerospace and Defence show at the Ysterplaat Air energy Base, in Cape Town, on September 21, the various trade site visitors spreading out on the event location had been welcomed by probably the biggest concentration of military and civil fixed-and rotor-winged aircraft yet seen at one venue in Africa.

Included on this had been the various interior and outside show stands featuring nearly all imaginable product of aeronautical difficult- and pc software from fasteners, peanuts and bolts through the whole range to your newest advanced avionics, ordinance, missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles-you name it and it is a pound to a penny bet that somewhere, maybe in the many cavernous halls, you would have discovered it on show or becoming marketed in some way.

The more than 200 exhibitors originated in 30 nations world wide which also put a brand new record when it comes to biennial series.

It had been not long before the turnstiles began clicking over with all the rapid tattoo of machinegun fire as  AAD 2010 headed steadily towards being just what will without doubt go down within the annals given that biggest aviation event Southern Africa has previously seen, offering a definite signal that industry was believing that, at the very least so far as it had been worried anyhow, the commercial crisis looked like arriving at a conclusion, or at least easing.

Company Jets in Plenty

This show had been the celebration for many regarding the top-of-the-range corporate jet makers to display their finest.

At Ysterplaat, they ranged from the “heavy iron” such the VIP-configured Boeing 727 displayed by paramount; a McDonnell Douglas DC-9 showcased by Elite Jet with AirQuarius revealing certainly one of its Fokker F.28 Fellowships, to-be followed closely by the similarly luxurious, but somewhat smaller, Gulfstream G550, Dassault Falcon 7X as well as the Embraer Legacy 650(which will be making its community debut in Africa within tv show).

Both Airbus and Boeing, while not having “in the flesh” examples on show, nevertheless had designs and literary works advertising their particular business jets on the basis of the A320 and B737 people correspondingly.

Embraer, at AAD 2008, amazed both the organizers therefore the crowd by arriving with certainly one of its  regional jetliners half-way through the tv show and, at the time of writing, it had been maybe not beyond the bounds of possibility so it might perform some same again this season.

The Brazilian producer also had examples of both its phenom 100 and phenom 300 smaller jets on view.

Bombardier fielded a Learjet 45XR and a Canadian 300 utilizing the probability of a Learjet 60XR in addition on view later on in few days.

Cessna had the brand new Citation CJ4 making its maiden look in South Africa showcased  alongside a Citation Sovereign and its particular basic level Mustag on view, also turboprop Caravan.

Nationwide Airways Corporation, distributor of Hawker Beech craft goods couldn’t want to be outdone in addition they presented the leading Hawker 4000 business jet, combined with the brand new Beech King Air 350i turboprop, both making remarkable entrances having flown from Johannesburg making use of Sasol’s brand new 100per cent artificial jet fuel announced at tv show.

The PAC750 turboprop and a chartered Boeing 737 were tangled up in this fuel venture. Nationwide Airways Corporation in addition fielded a Beech 1900 Missionator.

Airbus versus Boeing

As is standard at most of the air programs where in fact the two giant airframe producers exist, there were statements and counter-claims about their particular numerous aircraft kinds bandied about at AAD.Both Airbus and Boeing had been greatly represented by their particular particular military and civil divisions.

Regarding civil part, Airbus concentrated more on its brand new A350XWB and Boeing on its 787 Dreamliner.As far as flying samples of their respective aircraft had been concerned, that they had to rely on the nice offices associated with the air companies which took part inside Public day-flying shows.

Nevertheless Russian pavilion had a trump card up its sleeve so far as the airliner region of the show ended up being concerned .As it performed during the current Farnborough Global Show in England, the Irkut Corporation heavily presented what is dubbed as “Russia’s 21st Century Airliner”. Irkut may be the prime specialist for this plane, the MC-21, which can be already attracting significant requests.

Airbus and also the University of Cape Town have actually decided to introduce a biomimicry-based research study which could prompt a mind-set switch to how large commercial jetliners tend to be flown on long routes. The task forms section of Airbus’ worldwide analysis and technology program me personally.

In conjunction with the South African Department of Trade and Industry’s National Aerospace Centre of Excellence, Airbus in addition has engaged the University of Stellenbosch, the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, University of Pretoria, WITS University and Industrial analysis, that are taking part in a few research projects for Airbus.

Records Galore

Public turnout figures when it comes to Friday and Saturday atmosphere program times is going to be made known in November” show wrap-up” feature, but here,too,record attendance figures had been feasible if weather played baseball.

Another record set by the first day ended up being the focus of helicopters of all of the sizes and shapes which range from the locally made A600 Talon light helicopter from Rotorway,through the EC-120,EC-130 B4 and AS350 B3 helicopters from Euro copter towards Bell 429 which was officially launched in South Africa at gala presentation at NAC headquarters at Lanseria International Airport five days in advance after which flown to AAD which will make its very first formal public look.

Another helicopter which made its South African first at AAD 2010 was the light Ansat Russian-built,multi-purpose helicopter, its unique overall performance and equipment letting it run around-the –clock in every climate.

It was among the numerous numerous kinds and sizes of helicopters heavily marketed inside Russian pavilion because of the Russian Helicopters Conglomerate.

Put into these helicopters ended up being the number of military “whirly wild birds” fielded by both the South African and US air forces.

The USAF had on screen a wide variety of attack and transportation helicopters, all of which had been flown to South Africa aboard two C-5 Galaxy heavy-lift transports and a C-17 world master 111.These helicopters were the Euro copter UH72A Lakota, the kind just recently having joined the atmosphere power fleet; Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Knight, a fight –cum-search and relief type of the HH-60 PAVE Hawk; an MH-60 night-hawk and a Bell OPH-58 Kiowa.

The SAAF DISPLAYED THREE Agust Westland A109 light utility models; at least one Oryx method helicopter; three Euro copter BK.117s,four AgustaWestland SuperLynx 300 maritime helicopters and,one regarding the unexpected situations for the program, two South African-manufactured Rooivalks fresh from having their grounding restriction lifted.

The SAAF helicopter line-up formed element of a 60-plus turnout for the forces aircraft both brand-new and old as part of the SAAFs 90th anniversary celebrations.

Proceeding record had been the Griped fighters-both single- and two-seat variations; the Hawk Mk.120 lead-in fighter trainers, a big turn-out –about 20-plus – Pilatus Mk.7 Astra turboprop trainers, two C130BZ Hercules transports, anumber of CASA 212 and Cessna Caravan light transports/liaison plane and four Douglas C-47TP transports.

Topping-off this range, had been the unforgettable formation aerobatic displays by Silver Falcons.

This size screen by the SAAF normally considered to be anything of accurate documentation, at the least in terms of a peacetime convention can be involved.

Meanwhile, Euro copter and ATE have actually begun regional firing examinations on their collaborative standalone Weapons System (SAWS), which is an affordable self-defence tools component designed to be put in on Euro copters light and method items. A SAWS –equipped AS-550″Fennec” had been on event at AAD 2010.

Euro copter additionally hosted the 2nd Air bone tissue police force seminar at AAD 210 for Southern African police and crime prevention agencies. This is a fitting curtain-raiser in front of the delivery of an innovative new AS350BE Squirrel into Namibian Police which took place at the expo.

Heavy Carry Competition

The C-17 Globe master had been accompanied by a Lockheed Martin C-130J to strengthen the usa’ bid to recapture the Southern Africa Air Forces dependence on long-range, heavy-lift transport aircraft since the SA Governments purchase when it comes to Airbus A400M turboprop airlifter happens to be withdrawn.

Airbus hasn’t quit hope regarding unsuccessful agreement, and was operating “behind the views” at tv show, as ended up being Embraer undoubtedly with its however –in-the-design-stage KC 390.

Another SAAF competitors is designated “project Saucepan” the signal name for the SAAFs need for an upgraded maritime-cum-light transportation aircraft and here Airbus Military would be punting its CASA 295 plus the Italians their particular Alenia C27J Spartan, the latter on program “in the flesh”.

Unmanned Aerial Cars

AAD 2010 has also been used thoroughly to promote unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV) with both SouthAfrican and United States much toward fore.

For instance ,Boeing introduced its Scan Eagle into tv show that has been presented alongside the overall Atomics MQ-1 Predator and also the AAI RQ-7Shadow.Anumber of South African displays in this area had been considering have already been on show, but no specific announcement have been created by the full time of getting to push.

On the other hand, an extremely interesting exhibit would be to be found on African Astronautics stay where in actuality the business showcased its Flying Robots FR-102 soft-wing UAV.

The platform supports heavy-lift ,long-range functions to get such missions as edge patrol, police force ,humanitarian,peace-keeping,search and rescue and other jobs.

The platform can support as much as 250 kilograms payloads of such products as sensors, meals things, medical materials as well as individuals. The company in addition took the chance of the program to talk about its surveillance and safety portfolios.

Also light aviation was represented at tv show with probably the statement of an LSA manufacturing unit planned for Somerset East taking some spotlight in this sector.


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Flight News On Kenya Aviation Industry Thrown Into A Panic Due To Increase In Regulatory Fees

Flight News On Kenya Aviation Industry Thrown Into A Panic Due To Increase In Regulatory Fees

The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) has met with heavy resistance from industry players in the country for wanting to increase regulation charges on businesses which already feel they are paying levies that are excessive and unreasonable.

The unpopular move by KCAA is aimed at increasing fees and charges to owners and operators of aircraft, the imposition of a security charge on every ticket, increasing the annual fees for licenses both for aircraft and pilots and increasing examination fees for trainee pilots.

However, while the regulator is contemplating on how to implement the new charges, stakeholders in the local aviation industry are already up in arms saying the increments are not justified.

The Association of Air Operators (KAAO) feels that the group of local companies and individuals being targeted by KCAA is very small and cannot sustain the requirements of the authority.

“Most of the new rates lack justification and we plan to seek redress in the courts if KCAA does not follow due process,” KAAO Chief Executive, Col (Rtd) Eutychus K. Waithaka, told local reporters. He pointed out that there were only 600 aircraft in the country and it “beats logic” to force them to bear the burden of financing KCAA operations.

According to the KCAA Act, the authority cannot increase the charges without prior consultation with industry players. KAAO says that although it has written to KCAA on numerous occasions to convene a forum of all stakeholders to deliberate on the charges, the authority has remained silent on the matter.

Industry players also feel that KCAA is resurrecting long-buried proposals to increase regulatory charges. But after years of indecision, ostensibly to avoid a confrontation with the industry, the authority has pulled the sections for charges for Air Navigation Services in the Civil Aviation Regulations from the shelves ready for implementation.

In resurrecting the proposal, which has been around since 2006, KCAA says it is becoming harder each day to carry out its regulatory mandates due to financial constraints. Since its establishment in 2002 by an Act of Parliament, it has become nearly impossible for KCAA to attract and maintain highly skilled personnel due to poor remuneration.

In the new proposals, the regulator is proposing to introduce a new flight safety charge of us $ 2(ksh 160) per passenger on international flights and ksh 50 on domestic flights.

Considering that four million passengers pass through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) annually, the authority will collect at least ksh 600-million from the new charges per year.

KCAA also wants to increase the commercial pilots license fee from ksh 2700 to ksh4500 and a student pilots license from ksh500 to ksh1000 .Fees for various examinations that trainee pilots must sit for will also increase, some by far more than 200 percent .For instance, trainees for a Private Pilots License (PPL) would have to part with ksh 15000 up from ksh 2000.

The new regulations give KCAA the powers to detain any aircraft if the owner refuses or fails to pay the new charges and payment of the owed amount, with interest computed at a compound rate of two percent per month.

However, according to Col. (Rtd) Waithakas team, although the authority desperately needs to find ways to raise revenue, it is imprudent to target only a small section of the local aviation industry, while hundreds of international airlines fly over Kenyan airspace for free. The authority is also being accused of having failed to tap into the retinue of associated players like fuel suppliers and food caterers that form part of the wider aviation family.

Under the current charges that were last reviewed in 1998; the authority collects ksh124-million annually from the aviation industry, an amount that it considers insufficient. The annual budget of KCAA is ksh2, 8-billion and it does not receive any funding from the Ministry of Finance.

In October 2010 edition of World Airnews, Aero Club of East Africa chairman, Capt Chris Hardisty, complained that industry regulators had “become monsters who suffocated operators through stiff fees and charges.”

KCAA has repeatedly been put under scrutiny, and in particular repeated accusations that it has failed to set standards for operators of light aircraft in the country, but now the authority thinks it is time to act and implement the new charges to enable it to discharge its mandate effectively.

Meanwhile, the KCAA has presented a report to Transport Permanent Secretary, Cyrus Njiru, for review before the new charges can be enforced. The current KCAA Director General is Hilary Kioko.

Airport Blueprint for the Environment

Speaking At the opening session of the  Aviation and Environment Summit in Geneva recently, Angela Gittens, director general of ACI World, called on airports and their aviation partners to broaden their vision and action plan in order to be more responsive to the communities that they serve.

Gittens emphasized the role airports could and did play in advancing a blueprint for sustainable aviation.”It certainly includes the reduction of carbon emissions, but it is much broader because of the essential nature of airports.An,airport, no matter how big or how international in service reach, is a member of a local community and a neighbor,” she said.”So our blueprint requires balancing the diverse demands of our local communities. Every voyage starts and stops with us, and makes the airport the symbol of aviation within each of the thousands of communities we serve worldwide.”

Gittens stressed that investments in environmentally sound solutions for each of these priorities were strategic business choices made in a field of many alternatives.

The ability to define, measure and mitigate in an effective way guided an airport in those choices for sustainable airport infrastructure

Anthony Juma is the Editor and Senior Aviation Director at Wings over Africa Aviation. 
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Flight News On Concerns About Africas Aviation Protection Control Systems

Flight Development On Concerns About Africas Aviation Safety Management Techniques

When you look at the November 2010 environment development we now have this informative article reporting regarding protection problems by African air operators.

Aviation protection in Africa has been a concern of grave issue for several stakeholders active in the global flight industry-Africa bookkeeping just for three percent of the world’s air transport business yet 25 % of plane accidents occur in this continent.

As a result of sporadic environment crashes that occur in various elements of Africa from time to time, older generation plane running inside continent are labeled “flying coffins”.

Aviation security continues to be the most important challenge to Africa. Though there are many carriers in continent with commendable documents, the typical safety degree in the area calls for urgent attention.

The Global Civil Aviation business (ICAO) has actually often referred to the developing concern globally in regards to the security of civil aviation in Africa and contains stressed the need to make Africas heavens less dangerous. And there is lots of cause for ICAO to worry about Africa’s security files.

In ’09 Africa had the worst accident price on earth. According to an International Air Transport Association (IATA) present report on world plane accidents, Africa’s Western jet losses per million areas surged from 2, 32 in 2008 to an alarming 6, 62 during 2009.

In contrast, the entire regional accident rates when it comes to world decreased from on average 0, 92 in 2008 to 0, 57 this past year.

Africa’s accident rate is much more than two times compared to the center East, which ranked the given that 2nd worst and six times higher than the 3rd worst location, Australasia/Pacific.

Data received from Flight protection Foundation indicate that before a decade (20000 to 2009) a total of 91 plane accidents took place Africa, of which 26 were in Democratic Republic of Congo, 14 in Sudan, 8 in Kenya, 7 in Nigeria, 6 in Angola, 3 each in Egypt and Gabon and 24 inside remainder of African nations combined .These exclude basic aviation accidents.

The DRC and Sudan accounted for 44per cent of the many fatal accidents regarding continent when you look at the ten-year duration. The most truly effective five countries-DRC, Sudan, Angola, Kenya and Nigeria-accounted for approximately 67, 1percent of all accidents an continent.

According to the African Airlines Association (AFRAA), both nations (DRC and Sudan) involved in most accidents were engaged in municipal war for some or part of the period 2000-2009 and therefore security supervision wouldn’t normally have been feasible I parts of the country.

In a written response provided for World Air news AFRAA said “Five of the six accidents in Angola occurred in 2000 and 2001 once the nation had been still involved with a municipal war. After the civil war and ban regarding utilization of ageing aircraft through the former USSR in civil environment transport services in 2003, accident rates in that nation dropped greatly.”

In 2010, two significant African carriers, Ethiopian and Afriquaya, suffered catastrophic accidents. On January 25,an Ethiopian Boeing 737-800 crashed an the shore of Beirut couple of minutes after take-off and all sorts of the 90 people on-board the aircraft perished.Ethiopias nationwide flag company, Ethiopian Airlines is amongst the few African companies that has a commendable safety record.

In May, an Airbus 330 of the Libyan carrier, Afriquaya, crashed near Tripoli killing 104 men and women up to speed. The sources of the 2 accidents have-not however been revealed because of the concerned authorities as investigations weren’t finalized during the time of writing.

“the security record in Africa is worrisome. In some regions it’s frustrating,” stated Dr. Harold Demuren, director-general for the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.”In 2005 and 2006 Nigeria had three major deadly plane accidents with its very own airspace that involved three Nigerian personal air companies. Into the wake for the tragic accidents the Nigerian national took powerful action because of the view to enhancing the country’s bad security record.”

The African Airlines Association commented:”In Nigeria, after organization of a far more autonomous civil aviation authority under a professional Director-General many directives regarding the age of aircraft that may be imported to the country, accident prices have actually dropped sharply.However, not much has changed inside DRC and Sudan and these two countries consistently register high accident rates about this day.”

Bans Imposed

Global municipal aviation authorities have actually proceeded imposing bans on numerous airlines in Africa considering bad security documents. Bad remarks made about African aviation safety record tend to be tarnishing the continents picture and therefore impacting the thriving African flight business.Africas civil aviation authorities protest size condemnations.

In April 2010, the European Aviation protection Agency (EASA) revealed the list of airlines prohibited from the EU atmosphere room considering protection issues. Thirteen associated with 17 nations suffering from the EU ban are from Africa with an overall total of 111 African air companies “black listed”.

AFRAA has furiously protested the EUs blacklist.AFRAA claims air protection could be the relationship’s no. 1 priority and it also admits that Africa has to enhance its environment protection record. However, it states the EUs number is undermining intercontinental confidence in the African airline business.

“the best beneficiaries of ban are European air companies which take over the African heavens to your downside of African companies. If any number is usually to be published it should be done this by ICAO, the worldwide regulator of aviation security, which has a known history of impartiality,” stated Nick Fadugba, previous secretary-general AFRAA and CEO of African Aviation Services Limited.

Relating to AFRAA, the EU list has got the effect of damaging the reputation and business of numerous scheduled African air companies whoever security documents and adherence to ICAO security criteria are similar to the best airlines around the globe. The Association contends that reveal examination of the EU list reveals some contradictions.

“The majorities of African air companies regarding list haven’t run planned routes to Europe, lack intends to achieve this while having no plane because of the range to fly to your EU state.

The list includes many airlines that you can get on only paper and not operational. Record shows neither the running permit nor the ICAO subscription wide range of almost all of the banned air companies,”AFRAA said.

EASA stated all of the prohibited airlines did not really travel to your European spots.However; the ban ended up being intended as an ancient measure to make sure that the airlines couldn’t be subcontracted by bigger carriers thus “sneaking in through backdoors.”

In comparison to the positioning taken by the EU on African safety difficulties, america introduced the “safe skies for Africa” initiative targeted at upgrading capacity, establishing skills and supplying infrastructure to boost protection.AFRAA stated all this energy had been done by the US at any given time whenever only few United States air companies had been operating to Africa.AFRAA called upon the EU to imitate the nice exemplory case of the US and launch an air protection improvement for Africa without issue a “blacklist” which had not been helpful in solving the issues.

The connection said it had been prepared to engage the EU alongside stakeholders in constructive discussion to get amicable solutions to the air protection challenges in Africa.

Ethiopian CEO, Girma Wake aids AFRAAs position.”The small private airlines operating in a few war-torn African nations have aviation security dilemmas. But nothing of significant African providers that are a member of IATA and AFRAA has protection problems.

“A number of African national carriers which fly to European countries and other regions have exceptional protection files,” Wake said. He included: “unfortuitously, you can find interested groups who wish to throw bad image on these commendable African companies which compete with huge European and other carriers on worldwide paths.”

Gaoussou Konate,IATAs technical manager for Africa, stated that one for the primary contributing elements for the high accident rate was the possible lack of security management at airlines. Airports and air navigation companies.

“bad regulatory oversight at condition degree and team skills problems are some of the contributing elements,” he noted.

D. Harold Demuren, of Nigeria, commented that most African says are not complying with ICAOs protection requirements.”Ineffective protection supervision, intense shortage of highly skilled personnel and operating ageing and badly maintained aircraft are among the list of issues dealing with the atmosphere transport business in Africa.

“Foreign aircraft running in Africa cause many deadly accidents, he said, incorporating:”Several countries lease old aircraft with foreign registry being banned from flying various other countries. Several of those aircraft carry phony protection certificates, trip licenses, and insurance reports. I have to worry that nearly half all accidents that occur in Africa involve aircraft with foreign registry.”

Skip Nelson, president of Alaska-based navigation specialists ADS-B Technologies, stocks Derumens view. He said that Africa had become a dumping ground for plane that might never be qualified to fly somewhere else worldwide.”bad upkeep, insufficient certified mechanics and reliable components, defectively trained pilots, old navigational helps and weak operational control are the significant dilemmas,” he observed.

Critics say that some African air companies buy or lease old and rickety Soviet-era aircraft without protection records and which extra components are almost impossible to get. Africa gets the earliest flight fleet on earth with a typical age 18 years.


AFRAA could be the business human body which presents almost all of the major airlines from all corners of the African continent.

One of its significant activities is facilitate collaboration among air companies in the area of safety and security.

Experts from a number of the more developed airlines are employed as resource individuals in instruction coders managed by airlines or utilized as advisers on protection problems. It has caused it to be cost-effective for airlines to obtain the expertise they need.AFRAA says its performing a number of tasks to deal with protection issues in Africa.

The organization sought financing from the EU for training programs in 2007/2008 focusing on safety which is working together closely with IATA and ICAO o sensitize stakeholders about their particular obligations with regards to maintaining world-class amounts of safety on the continent.

In addition it works closely with IATA in the supply of safety education within the continent and hosts workshops and workshops on topics including safety and crisis planning and catastrophe administration.

The connection collaborates because of the African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC) and through-other local companies (such as for instance COMESA and SADC) where in actuality the association stocks safety information and collaborates together to facilitate the attainment of large levels of safety.

It promotes and lobbies African states to write results of any accident research to make certain that stakeholders can study from these to boost protection. Additionally lobbies states to produce adequate search and relief solutions to minimize casualties in unfortunate occasion of a major accident.

AFRAA has actually urged all African airlines to look at the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) in order to boost functional safety of providers and make certain that African airlines function at first class quantities of security and safety.

It has also asked sates of stringently execute their particular protection oversight of companies especially the cargo, on-request flights and charters which contribute disproportionately to accidents on continent.

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