Your Career Will Takeoff with Aviation Technician ? Aircraft Maintenance Training

Your Career Will Takeoff with Aviation Technician ? Aircraft Maintenance Training

Summary: The Centennial College Aviation Technician — Aircraft Maintenance program teaches students all about aircraft maintenance by providing a balance between theory and hands-on learning.

Airplanes have become a common way to travel, whether you’re taking a 10-hour flight to Europe or a two-hour flight to New York City. When boarding a plane, many passengers think about the safety of the plane. They trust that it has been properly inspected by skilled professionals who know exactly what needs to be fixed in order to make the plane the safest it can possibly be. These professionals are Aviation Technicians who have studied aircraft maintenance.

Centennial College in Toronto, Canada offers a two-year (four semester) program for Aviation Technician — Aircraft Maintenance. The program, which results in an Ontario College Diploma, is both Transport Canada approved and Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council certified as a recognized aircraft maintenance-training program. Before students enter the program, they must go through the admissions process. Centennial College expects students applying for admission to present, at minimum, an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or General Education Development or equivalent or be 19 years of age or older. Applicants must also possess compulsory English 12C or U or skills assessment or equivalent and Math 11M or U or 12C or U or skills assessment or equivalent.

Once they have successfully been accepted into the Aviation Technician — Aircraft Maintenance program, students learn all about aircraft maintenance, power plants, structures, inspections, troubleshooting, mechanical, electrical and electronic skills as well as other sciences that are related to the aircraft maintenance industry. As with many Centennial programs, the Aircraft Maintenance undertaking sees a significant amount of hands-on training during which students work in labs on fixing aircraft engines, performing flight-line activities as well as conducting aircraft and component inspections. Due to the serious nature of this profession, where lives are literally in a technician’s hands, students get detailed information on hydraulics, fuels, environmental systems, engines, surface controls and undercarriage systems, and the aircraft’s frame and external skin. Before students can graduate, they must complete over 200 maintenance tasks. Also required for Aircraft Maintenance Technician graduation is a minimum C grade in all courses. However, Transport Canada accreditation requires both a minimum B grade in every course and an absentee rate of less than five per cent of the total program hours.

Aircraft maintenance technicians work in many areas of the industry including: manufacturers, airlines, aircraft maintenance companies and other Canadian aviation operations. Under the title Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, graduates will certify, after inspection, any work that is performed on the aircraft and perform the work themselves as well. If, however, students change their minds about working on airplanes, the extensive training from Centennial College qualifies them to seek employment in non-aircraft related areas of certain repair and manufacturing industries.

Common tasks for Aviation Maintenance Technicians include overhaul, repair, inspection or modification of an aircraft as well as the installation or removal of a component from an aircraft or aircraft subassembly.

Author Details: In this article, Emma is concerned with the aviation maintenance industry. She writes in which places Aviation Maintenance Technicians are employed, what they do and how they are trained. Aviation program is another option open for these students.

Using Your Career Truly Sky-high – Aviation Training

Using Your Career Literally Sky High – Aviation Training

A commercial trip is never total without journey attendants to arrive to direct that your chairs, or serve you drinks, or perform the typical atmosphere safety preventative measure routine. Journey attendants have always been accessories regarding the aviation business, and pop culture features undoubtedly afforded all of them with much attention that shows, films and songs are manufactured with them in your mind.


However, if you believe that their job is simple and attractive, then you better reconsider that thought. Not everyone whom is applicable for aviation training can meet with the eligibility for cabin staff work information. (When we state, aviation education, we really imply the cabin teams rather than the pilots by themselves.) As well as for many who do pass cabin crew instruction, there clearly was a stringent hierarchy for trained experts. Numerous effective trainees don’t really go above the level of cabin crews for domestic puddle hops.


Depending on the hiring airline companies, numerous prospective journey attendants must undergo extremely rigorous trainings for airplane safety measures, health problems, not to mention, passenger treatment – among a lot of things. Flight attendant education doesn’t end there. There are also extra trainings and certifications necessary for those that want to serve a more choose selection of passengers like for folks who patronize company jet flights or private airplanes.


There are a number of flight attendant training facilities in the nation. There are a few which are privately possessed, meaning that prospective cabin crews have actually generalized education. Flight attendant training facilities which can be commercially possessed are the ones run by flight companies on their own. Frequently, non-city men and women train in private facilities first before can meet the application qualifications for cabin team work information in commercial instruction facilities. Training sessions frequently get from 6 days to a few months, based on what sort of training is in fact becoming provided, the airline business providing it, plus the collective abilities associated with the selection of students at that moment.


Do you know the skills for prospective cabin teams?


The main qualification for prospective cabin staff is definitely, completion for basic cabin instruction. These may include, however restricted to: CPR alongside medical resources and treatments; crew resource management and safety; wilderness, ice, jungle, water survival skills; decompression problems; disaster traveler evacuation (using evacuations slides, lifesavers, life rafts, etc.); and traveler support. Even more specific training involves food preparation like a certification in alcoholic beverage products and coffee products. In light of fairly recent happenings, some trip attendants are now actually been trained in bomb-detection alongside potentially dangerous searching items that may be familiar with high-jack a plane.


The necessity for multi-lingual and articulate cabin teams is essentially influenced by the flight organization aswell. For several, English in addition to local dialect tend to be standard needs. However, some flight businesses do train their cabin teams to speak the language of whatever nation their particular airplanes land in. Some of the more prominent languages being trained tend to be: Cantonese, Filipino, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish.


Level and fat needs are mostly for aesthetic worth. But still, this is certainly dependent on just what picture the airline business is trying to advertise. provides extra information about trip attendant instruction and atmosphere hostess education. To obtain great advice on this gratifying job go to our site these days!

The Chance To Find Out Aviation Training

The Chance To Discover Aviation Instruction
To anyone who has always dreamt of mastering how exactly to fly, today is the fortunate day! It is because at this point you have the option to go online and take aviation education. This might be outstanding opportunity for those individuals who have always wished to study traveling an airplane but never had the income to do this. Now that they will have the money to learn how-to travel an airplane, they are unable to simply quit their particular jobs and try to follow their particular desires.

Thanks to the emergence of distance education, aspiring pilots can now obtain the instruction they’ve long-wished for. Due to this, their particular hopes to become another pilot are one step closer. This is basically the ultimate push they require obtaining their hopes and dreams in the future true. Thus, they could be sure that these are generally a step closer to achieving their particular ambitions.

By firmly taking an online course on aviation training, every person gets the chance of mastering how to fly an airplane without making their property. They are able to elect to get the training any time they desire since it is at the same time this is certainly easiest for them. So even in the event they’ve been however working, they can come to be students the moment they come back home after a difficult trip to work. They can pick the time they would like to study, whether or not they would want to achieve this throughout their leisure time or regarding the weekends. Simultaneously, they will have the liberty to select their routine. All they require is log in to the system they’ve been provided with to allow them to begin taking the course.

Another benefit that learning online has furnished usually it gets aspiring pilots an opportunity to learn everywhere they would like to. As they are nevertheless handling their time with regards to task and their loved ones, they may be able choose to use the course in the home. Besides getting the comfort of mastering new stuff in the home, they reach save your self their funds simply because they no longer need invest some money to go to school.

The plumped for business the moment they complete the program. This can let them expand their horizons to get the possibility in making their particular everyday lives better. Through these programs, they can be certain to fill the space they feel within their profession.

Aside from getting aviation training, individuals may get various other programs which can be associated with a. Whether or not they choose to be a personnel or a flight attendant, they can be sure to discover a course they desire inside aviation industry.

OCA provides aviation instruction, individuals may get various other classes being linked to the.